Hexion Epoxy Curing Agents

Hexion Epoxy Curing Agents consist of the following Amines: Aliphatic, Amidoamines, Cycloaliphatic, Polyamides, Powder Coatings and Waterborne.

Aliphatic Amines
Product Name / CodeDescription
Epikure 3200Aminoethylpiperazine.
Epikure 3223Diethylenetriamine.
Epikure 3234Triethylenetetramine.
Epikure 3245Tetraethylenepentamine.
Epikure 3204A solvent-free, flexible amine curing agent.
Epikure 3230A difunctional primary amine curing agent.
Epikure 3233A trifunctional primary amine curing agent.
Epikure 3251Mannich curing agent designed for lower temperature, high humidity applications.
Epikure 3253Accelerator for amine cured epoxy systems and for epoxy and urethane polymerizations.
Epikure 3270High reactivity curing agent for blush-free films. A reactivity modifier for flooring and other structural applications.
Epikure 3271Higher reactivity applications with lower temperature cure capability.
Epikure 3272A high reactivity, modified aliphatic amine epoxy curing agent.
Epikure 3273Higher reactivity curing agent designed for adhesive applications, including traffic striping.
Epikure 3274Lower color. Provides blush and sweat-out free films. Applications include high build coatings or thicker film applications in civil engineering or construction
Epikure 3277Provides blush and sweat-out free films for flooring and high build coatings. For damp surfaces & underwater cure.
Epikure 3282A very reactive modified aliphatic amine adduct, where relatively short cure periods at room temperature are required.
Epikure 3289A solid free, highly reactive modified aliphatic amine.
Epikure 3290A modified aliphatic amine with mix ratios less critical than standard polyamines.
Epikure 3295Applications include electrical, tooling and FRP applications.
Product Name / CodeDescription
Epikure 3010For maintenance coatings, adhesives, tooling and potting. Moderate pot life and good resin compatibility.
Epikure 3015Applications include electrical encapsulants, adhesives and grouts
Epikure 3030Longer potlife version of Epikure 3015.
Epikure 3046Longer potlife, general purpose curing agent. Lower viscosity and lower AMV than Epikure 3055.
Epikure 3055Longer potlife, general purpose curing agent
Epikure 3061Very low reactivity curing agent for general purpose use, potting and mass casting applications.
Epikure 3072Applications include concrete coatings. Provides superior adhesion to damp concrete.
Epikure 3090Lower temperature cure on damp or underwater substrates. Blush resistant.
Cycloaliphatic Amines
Product Name / CodeDescription
Epikure LY 3801Lower yellowing epoxy system.
Epikure 580A light color and low viscosity modified cycloaliphatic amine curing agent with no Benzylic Alcohol.
Epikure 3300A very low viscosity for use in formulating heat cured epoxies.
Epikure 3370Applications include industrial and chemical resistant floor toppings and tank lining applications.
Epikure 3378Fast set under low temperature and/or high humidity conditions. Useful for coatings and flooring applications.
Epikure 3380Moderate reactivity, good work time. For industrial and chemical resistant flooring, glaze and sealer coatings.
Epikure 3381Moderate reactivity with very low viscosity, low PHR. For industrial and chemical resistant floor coatings.
Epikure 3382Good blush, sweat-out and water-spot resistance, even at high humidity. For industrial/chemical resistant flooring.
Epikure 3383Superior film formation characteristics with good wetting. Designed for chemical resistant flooring and glaze coats.
Epikure 3387Fast reactivity low viscosity curing agent. Designed for value based flooring, casting & encapsulation applications.
Epikure 3388Economical standard cycloaliphatic amine curing agent. Lower color and lower viscosity.
Epikure 3393A light color, low viscosity, modified Cycloaliphatic amine.
Product Name / CodeDescription
Epikure 3100-ET-60A high molecular weight, reactive polyamide. Semi-solid and blending resin.
Epikure 3115High viscosity, long potlife. Provides toughness, flexibility and water resistance with a non-critical combining ratio.
Epikure 3115-E-73Long potlife polyamide solution in IPA. Provides toughness, flexibility, and water resistance.
Epikure 3115-X-70Long potlife polyamide solution in xylene. Provides toughness, flexibility, and water resistance.
Epikure 3125Polyamide which provides non-critical combining ratios, toughness, flexibility and water resistance.
Epikure 3140Polyamide which is used for coatings and extending potlife of more highly reactive amines.
Epikure 3155Lower viscosity, modified polyamide that can be used for higher solids/high build coatings in maintenance and marine and suitable for use in thick film mastics and adhesives.
Epikure 3164Provides very high elongation and toughness in epoxy systems. Improved flexibility over time vs. standard epoxy systems.
Epikure 3175Suitable for higher solids coatings and civil engineering compounds. Offers faster cure response, superior chemical and solvent resistance.
Epikure 3180-F-75A polyamide adduct reduced to 75% solids in n-butanol.
Powder Coatings
Product Name / CodeDescription
Epikure P-100For low temperature curing epoxy powder coatings.
Epikure P-101Very reactive, used in concentrations of 2 - 4 parts per hundred parts of solid epoxy resins.
Epikure P-103Very reactive, used in concentrations of 2 - 4 parts per hundred parts of solid epoxy resins.
Epikure P-104Less sensitive to pre-reaction and gelation, used in concentrations of 4 - 6 parts per hundred parts of solid epoxy resins
Epikure P-108Less sensitive to pre-reaction and gelation, used in concentrations of 4 - 6 parts per hundred parts of solid epoxy resins.
Epikure P-201Are phenolic hydroxyl terminated solid flaked curatives for functional and decorative applications
Epikure P-202Are phenolic hydroxyl terminated solid flaked curatives for functional and decorative applications.
Product Name / CodeDescription
Epikure 6870-W-53NewGen™ curing agent is a modified polyamide for use with EPI-REZ Resin 6520-WH-53.
Epikure 8290-Y-60Water reducible, high molecular weight amine adduct.
Epikure 8530-W-75A water reducible polyamine adduct supplied at 75% weight solids in water.
Epikure 8535-W-50Water reducible amine adduct.
Epikure 8536-MY-60Supplied at 60% solids, a blend of co-solvents for low VOC, two package water reducible epoxy coatings exhibiting good corrosion and chemical resistance for applications in industrial maintenance, industrial finishes, and masonry coatings
Epikure 8537-WY-60Water reducible amine adduct.
Epikure 8539-W-75A water reducible polyamine adduct supplied in 75% weight solids in water.
Epikure 8540-MU-60Supplied in high flash point, low odor solvent system for use in waterborne coating applications.

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