Dorf Ketal Catalysts

Dorf Ketal Tyzor® Catalysts are used in a variety of applications such as coatings, inks, adhesives, and sealants.

Tyzor® Catalysts
Product NameDescription
Tyzor AC422Titanium Based PET Catalyst
Tyzor AATitanium Acetylacetonates
Tyzor BTPPolymeric Butyl Titanate
Tyzor CLATitanate with Chelating Agents in Isopropanol
Tyzor DEADiethanolamine Titanium Complex
Tyzor ETTetra Ethyl Titanate
Tyzor GBA/GBOSpecialty Grades of Titanium Chelates
Tyzor IAMTitanium Based Phosphate Complex
Tyzor IBAYTitanium Ethyl Acetoacetate Complex
Tyzor LAChelated Titanium Solution
Tyzor NBZReactive Organic Alkoxy Zirconate
Tyzor NPZLewis Acid Catalyst
Tyzor OGTReactive Organic Alkoxy Titanate
Tyzor PITATitanium Ethyl Acetoacetate Complex
Tyzor PITA-SMA mixture of Tyzor PITA and Methyl-Trimethoxy Silane
Tyzor TETriethanolamine Titanium Complex
Tyzor TEAZ100% Active Ethanolamine Zirconium
Tyzor TnBTTetra-n-butyl Titanate
Tyzor TOTReactive Organic Alkoxy Titanate
Tyzor 9000Reactive Organic Alkoxy Titanate
Tyzor TPTTetra-isopropyl Titanate
Tyzor TPT 15B/20BHighly Reative Organic Alcoxy Titanates
Tyzor ZECCitric Acid Diethyl Ester Zirconate
Tyzor 217Water-Based Zirconium Chelate
Unilink 1030Zirconium Chelate in Reactive Diol
Unilink 2210/20Titanium Chelate in Reactive Diluent
Unilink 2500Titanium Chelate in Reactive Diluent
Unilink 4200Aromatic Diamine Chain Extender
Dorf Ketal Literature 
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