Tyzor TEAZ

Organic Zirconate

Tyzor® TEAZ, a 100% active ethanolamine zirconium complex, is a yellow to brown organic liquid.


Tyzor TEAZ reacts with water by hydrolysis to form a reactive hydroxy zirconium chelate. The chelate is stable in water for extended periods. The original or hydrated chelate can form complexes with organic -OH or -COOH groups. When reacted in this way with multifunctional polymers such as carbohydrates (e.g. cellulose, starch, guar derivatives), strong gels may be formed by crosslinking. The product can act as an adhesion promoter to oxidized surfaces by a similar mechanism.

Tyzor TEAZ can also act as a Lewis Acid catalyst in processes such as esterification, transesterification, condensation, addition, etc.


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Reaction Catalyst: Tyzor TEAZ is an effective catalyst for esterification, transesterification, condensation, and addition reactions. It is especially well-suited to direct esterification processes due to its excellent compatibility with the water byproduct. Benefits are moderate reaction rates, high yield, easy work-up, low toxicity, and low catalyst concentration.

Oil Well Fracturing Fluids: Tyzor TEAZ is an effective crosslinker for dispersions of guar and its derivatives to form high viscosity aqueous gels used in oil well fracturing applications.

Thixotropic Paints: Tyzor® TEAZ acts as a crosslinker of carbohydrate-coated latex particles for high viscous thixotropic paints.

Water borne Paints: Tyzor TEAZ can be used to crosslink binders in water borne paints such as acrylic paints.

How to use

Tyzor TEAZ is usually formulated with other ingredients in catalysis, crosslinking, or paint applications. The zirconate is usually added as the last ingredient to prevent undesired pre-reactions with water or other components. When used in oil well fracturing fluids application, the time for gel formation depends on the type of polymer, temperature, pH, brine strength, zirconate concentration, etc.

Typical Properties

PropertyTypical Value
ZrO2 Contentca. 17.9 %
Active Contentca. 100 %
ColorYellow to Brown
Density (20°C)ca. 1.34 g/ml
Viscosity (20°C)ca. 50,000 mPa*s
Flash Point> 100 °C
Refractive Indexca. 1.53
Solubility in SolventsMiscible in most
 organic solvents
Solubility in WaterMiscible


For specific safety, handling and toxicity information, please refer to the current Material Safety Data Sheet.

Typical Shelf Life

2 years