Dextrol OC 4025 Phosphate Ester Surfacant

For emulsion Polymerization and Waterborne Architectural Coatings

Dextrol OC 4025 surfactant is the neutralized (ammonium salt) form of an ethoxylated tridecyl alcohol phosphate ester. In emulsion polymeriation, Dextrol OC 4025 is an effective emulsifier that provides efficient particle size control, low coagulum and improved handing and storage stability.

Dextrol OC 4025 surfactant is the most hydrophobic neutralized product in the Dextrol line and is effective in the production of all common latex types including vinyl, vinyl acrylic, vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE), acrylic and styrene acrylic.

Dextrol OC 4025 surfactant can also improve gloss and enhance pigment dispersion and color acceptance in watewrborne latex paints. Dextrol OC 4025 does not contain any alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEOs).


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Typical Properties

Chemical TypePhosphate Ester (anionic)
AppearanceClear liquid
Active solids, weight %25+1%
Moles of EO3
Gardner color3 maximum
Viscosity(b), as supplied (cps or mPas)200-1,000
Specific gravity, g/mL at 25 degrees C1.02
Density, lb/gal8.5
pH, 1% soln7.5-8.5
VOC content(c) weight %4.5
Flash point(d)> 200 degrees F (93 degrees C)

(a) Values are typical properties and are ot to be regarded as product specifications
(b) Brookfield RVT viscosity at 25 degrees C (77 degrees F)
(c) US EPA method 24
(d) Tag closed up

Product Benefits

  • Low coagulum in finished latex
  • Improves stability of finished latex
  • Low water sensitivity
  • Enhances color properties
  • Reduced color float
  • Increases gloss in paint
  • Excellent welting and dispersion of pigments
  • Improved substrate wetting
  • Inhibition of flash and nail head rusting

Recommended Use Levels

  • In emulsion polymerization, Dextrol OC 4025 surfactant is typically used at 5-10% by weight on total monomers.
  • In flat, semi gloss, and gloss paints, 6-12 pounds of Dextrol OC 4025 surfactant per 100 gallons of finished paint are recommended.

Chemical Inventories

All components of Dextrol OC 4025 surfactants are listed on the TSCA chemical inventory (USA).

APEO Content

Dextrol OC 4025 surfactant does not contain any alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEOs).