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Ganex: Hydrophobicity, an emulsifier and dispersant for nonaqueous systems. Ganex: Thickening and opacifying emulsion. PVP: High polarity, dispersancy, hydrophilicity, adhesion, cohesivity and high Tg.

Ganex (Alkylated Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone) Polymers
Product NameDescription
Ganex P-904 LCAlkylated Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone
Ganex V-216with Hexadecene 20/80 ratio
Ganex V-516with Hexadecene 50/50 ratio in IPA
Ganex V-220with Eicosene 30/70 ratio
Ganex V-220Fwith Eicosene 30/70 ratio
Ganex WP-660Vinyl Pyrrolidone/Triacontene Copolymer
Polectron (Vinyl Pyrrolidone and Styrene) Polymers
Polectron 430Vinyl Pyrrolidone and Styrene
PVPP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone) Polymers
Polyplasdone INF-10Crospovidone
PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone) Polymers
Product NameViscosity (cps - 5% Solids)
PVP K-12-
PVP K-151
PVP K-303
PVP K-6010
PVP K-90150
PVP K-90H 15% Soln 
PVP K-120350
Ashland Literature 
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