Ashland Foam Control Agents

Ashland Foam Control Agents are readily dispersible, provide excellent long-term foam control persistency, are highly effective on entrained, surface macro-foam and micro-foam, and offered in a wide range of chemistries (silica, silicone, organophically modified silicones, mineral oil, wax, etc.).

Mineral Oil Based Technology
Product CodeDescription
L-3500For Pigmented Water Based Coatings
L-3510For Clear Water Based Coatings
L-475Silica / Mineral Oil
L-477KSilica / Mineral Oil
Y-381Wax / Mineral Oil
L-464Blend of Silica and Organic Solids
AM-1512Hydrophobic Silica in Mineral Oil
TW-4503Silica / Wax / Mineral Oil
T-1201Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
T-1202Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
L-140Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
T-2200Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
T-3200Silica Derivatives, Paraffinic Oil and Esters
T-3211Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer and Fatty Acid
T-4200Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
L-108Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
T-4201Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
T-4202Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer and Fatty Acid
Y-250Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
T-4303Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer and Fatty Acid
L-493Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
210-951Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
L-1311EOil-Based Extended
L-131Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
L-198Silica in Mineral Oil + Compatibilizer
L-768Silica / Silicone + Compatibilizer
Boosted Mineral Oil-Based Technology
Product CodeDescription
T-4507Silica / Mineral Oil (Aggressive Version)
T-4304Aggressive Silica / Mineral Oil (Self-Emulsifying – spreads quickly throughout coatings)
T-4304WIAggressive Silica / Mineral Oil (Self-Emulsifying – spreads quickly throughout coatings)
TS-4400Silica / Silicone / Mineral Oil
W-4300Wax / Mineral Oil (Aggressive) + Compatibilizer – Patented Formulation
W-4502Aggressive Wax in Mineral Oil
Vegetable Oil Based Technology
Product CodeDescription
AV-1425Hydrophobic Silica in Vegetable Oil
Traditional Silicone-Based Technology (Straight PDMS)
Product CodeDescription
L-418Silicone / Silica + Compatibilizer
L-419Silicone / Silica + Compatibilizer (Excellent grind/ pigment dispersion FCA)
L-405Silicone / Silicone Copolymer
L-405 LVLow-VOC Version of L-405
TS-4385Silca / Silicone / Silicone Copolymer (work horse)
TS-4387Silica / Oorgano / Silicone Copolymer
TS-5541Silica / Silicone
Quick Bubble Break Technology (OM Polysiloxane)
Product CodeDescription
S-4288Polysiloxane Emulsion
S-4287Polysiloxane Emulsion
S-4386Polysiloxane Emulsion
210-852Silica Polysiloxane
S-4273Polysiloxane Emulsion
Dissolution Technology
Product CodeDescription
TS-4481Hydrophobic Silica / Polysiloxane
S-4374Silica / Polysiloxane Emulsion
S-4480Polysiloxane + Silica
210-862Polysiloxane + Silica
210-886Polysiloxane Emulsion
Powder Defoamers
Product CodeDescription
Silipur RE29HFree-Flowing White Powder
RE 5500Free-Flowing White Powder
Ashland Defoamer Selection Guide
Click Here for the Defoamer Selection Agent Guide

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