Natrosol 250

Water Soluble Hydroxyethylcellulose

Natrsol 250 hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) is a series of off white powders that are easily dispersed and dissolved in cold or hot water, to produce solutions of varying viscosities. Chemically, it is cellulose of short to very long chain length that has been etherified to a hydroxyethyl ether to achieve an optimum balance of peoperties. Nastrol 250 is used as a viscosity and rheology modifier, protective colloid, water retention agent, stabilizer, and suspending agent, particularly in those applications where a nonionic material is desired.


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Types and Specifications

The types of Natrosol 250 differ in their solution viscosity, hydration behaviour, biostability, and particle size:

  • the "R' and "D" types have been trated to delay hydration of the particles. This treatment prevents lumping as the powder is added to water. Specified below are the viscosity ranges of these types. These ranges also apply to:
  • the B-grades (e.g. Natrosol 250 HBR), these offer superior resistance to biological and chemical degradation,
  • types that carry a "X" or "W" in their designation (e.g. Natrosol 250 HXR and Natrosol 250 HHW) have a finer particle size.
  • of some viscosity grades also the type without retarded solubility (Natrosol 250 L,G,H etc) is available.

Depending upon their technical and commercial feasibility, special grades to meet individual customer requiremennts can be made available upon request and after consultation with our salesforce.

Viscosity specification of Natrosol, at 25 degrees C, mPas (Mathod N5-5)

Types    Viscosity Measured at a Concentration of  Brookfield LVF setting 
Non- RXW and DRB152%5%Spindle noRPM
   HHR-P 5.000-6.400  430
    HHBR3.400-5.500  430
 HHXHHWHHR 3.400-5.000  430
 HHXRHHWD  3.400-5000  430
    H4BR2.600-3.300  330
HHX HRHBR1.500-2.600  330
 HXR   1.500-2.500  330
 HBXR   1.500-2.500  330
    MHBR1.000-1.500  330
MMX MRMBR 4.500-6.500 460
   KR  1.500-2.500 330
GGXR GR  250-450 260
L  LR   100-180130

Other Specifications of Natrosol Hydroxyethylcellulose

Moisture content (as packed) %5 max.N5-1
pH of a solution6,0-8,5N5-6e
Particle sizes distribution:  
-regular grind
retained on 425 micrometer, (ASTM no. 40), %
10 max.N5-13
retained on 250 micrometer, (ASTM no. 60), %
0,5 max.N5-13
retained on 177 micrometer, (ASTM no. 80), %
0,5 max.N5-13

Properties and Uses

Natrosol 250 hydroxyethylcellulose is a granular powder that dissolves readily in water to give clear, smooth solutions, which exhibit a pseudoplastic flow behavior. At neutral pH and amboent temperatures, Natrosol R-grades disperse without limp formation and provide easy dissolution. These solutions are unaffected bby high concentrations of soluble salts. Viscosity is little affected by mild acids and alkalies. Because of its nonionic character Natrosol has wide compatibility with other materials, such as emulsion polymers, natural and synthetic gums, emulsifiers, defoamers.

Natrosol 250 is used as high efficiency nonionic thickener, water retention aid and rheology modifier in all types of waterbased paints and surface coatings, in adhesives, and in a variety of other aqueous industrial products. Regular Natrosol 250 imparts excellent flow properties to these systems.

Natrosol B offers the additional feature of superior storage stability when used under conditions that enhance mircrobial growth.

As a protective colloid and stabilizer Natrosol performs outstandingly in the emulsion and suspension polymerization of many vinvyl polymers. Its unique combination of properties explains its use in pigment dispersions and in tile adhesives. In toothpaste the lean solvent solubility and compatibility of Natrosol contribute consistency, its dispensability and binding power are widely appreciated by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Regulatory Status

Natrosol is in compliance with the requirements of the U.S Food and Drug Administration for use in adhesives, resinous and polymeric coatigns employed on food-contact surfaces of metal, paper or paperboard articles, and other suitable substrates intended for use in food packaging as specified in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Sections 175.105, 175.300, 176.180, 177.1210, and 182.99

Natrosol Pharm grades meet the specifications for hydroxyethylcellulose as set by the European Pharmacopoeia and the USP/NF. These grades have been specified in the Product Data Sheet 33.018.

Packaging and Storage

Natrosol is packed in multi-wall paperbags of 25 kg net, supplied on pallets of 40 bags (1000 kg) each, from Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands, and from warehouses convieniently located in Europe.

Natrosol is a non-perishable powder. It is recommended to use the prodct in rotation on a first-in-first-out basis. The product should be stored under dry and clean conditions in its original packing and away from heat. The product is hygroscopic. The packaging is selected in a way to avoid ingress of moisture, but the water content of the packed product may increase if not stored dry.

Toxic substance information
CAS Number: 9004-62-0
CAS Name: Cellulose, 2- hydroxyethyl ether