Arkema Waterborne Emulsions for Architectural Coatings are paints used to coat new and existing buildings for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Architectural Coatings - Acrylic
Product Name / CodeDescription
Encor 601Acrylic
Encor 626Acrylic
Encor 627Acrylic
Encor 631Acrylic
Encor 636Acrylic
Encor 657Acrylic
Encor 662Acrylic
Encor Flex 187Acrylic
Neocar 820Modified Acrylic
Neocar 850Modified Acrylic
* SNAP 720Acrylic Polymer
*SNAP: Structure Nanoparticle Acrylic Polymer
Architectural Coatings - Styrene Acrylic
Product Name / CodeDescription
Encor 123Styrene Acrylic
Encor 423Styrene Acrylic
Encor 3176AStyrene Acrylic
Encor 461Styrene Acrylic
Encor 471Styrene Acrylic
Encor 481Styrene Acrylic
Encor CL 36Styrene Acrylic
Encor Flex 192Styrene Acrylic
Encor Flex 3186Styrene Acrylic
Architectural Coatings - Vinyl Acrylic
Product Name / CodeDescription
Encor 309Vinyl Acrylic
Encor 310Vinyl Acrylic
Encor 357Vinyl Acrylic
Encor 367Vinyl Acrylic
Encor 379GVinyl Acrylic
Neocar 2300Modified Acrylic