Polyvinyl Butyral Dispersions from Aquaspersions

Application for Aquaspersions include; temporary protective coatings, textile sizing and coatings, wood primers, DTM primers and stoving enamels.

Water Based PVB Dispersions
Product NameDescription
Aquarez PVB 501Plasticized with Castor Oil
Aquarez PVB 507Plasticized with Castor Oil
Aquarez PVB 508Plasticized with Castor Oil
Aquarez PVB 519Plasticized with Castor Oil
Aquarez PVB 605Plasticized with Butyl Ricinoleate
Aquare PVB 606Plasticized with Butyl Ricinoleate
Aquarez PVB 610Plasticized with Butyl Ricinoleate
Aquarez PVB DP415-185Plasticized with Castor Oil
Aquarez PVB DP415-234Plasticized with Castor Oil
Aquarez PVB DP415-247Plasticized with Castor Oil
Aquarez PVB DP415-268Plasticized with Castor Oil
Aquarez PVB DP415-273Plasticized with Castor Oil
Aquarez PVB DP548-36Water Based Emulsion
Aquarez PVB DP548-45Water Based Emulsion
Aquarez PVB DP548-46XLWater Based Emulsion
Aquarez PVB DP548-47XLWater Based Emulsion
Aquarez T 100HTackifing Additive
Product NameDescription
Aquanox L Ultra 50%High Antioxidant L Content Emulsion
Blocked Isocyanate Crosslinkers
Product NameDescription
Aqualink U-HTAqueous Dispersion of an Isocyanate Dimer
Aqualink XAqueous Dispersion of a Low Molecular Weight Polymeric Blocked Isocyanate
Aqualink 35% D-HTAqueous Dispersion of a hindered Isocyanate Trimer

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