Polyester Resins from AOC

Altec® resin technologies combine lower emissions with process ease, smooth surfaces and high performance.

Product CodeDescription
H520-BDA-20Orthophthalic GP Laminating - Spray-up & Hand lay-up
H520-BDA-26Summer Version H520-DBA-20
H834-RAJ-20DCPD Laminating Spray-up & Hand lay-up
H834-RAJ-25Summer version H834-RAJ-20
H559-BKG-10Orthophthalic GP Laminating - Fast Gel and Cure
H864-MAA-25ISO/DCPD Blend Laminating
H541-AFB-20Low styrene Orthophthalic Laminating

Hydropel® Marine Laminating and Infusion:

Hydropel® resins are advanced vinyl ester formulations which provide superior blister protection and a stronger laminate.

Product CodeDescription
R961-FPC-30ISO Infusion
R049-CPF-17Low Profile RTM - Class A

Vicast® Marble and Casting:

Vicast® resins are designed for optimum viscosity, filler compatibility, color stability, clarity and resistance to impact.

Product CodeDescription
A540-DMB-12Dual Purpose Marble / Onyx
A540-SCA-12Low Color Clear Coating Resin - UV Stable
A553-FKA-05Flex Ortho Figurine - Wood Flour Filled System
A560-MGO-13Onyx Resin
A597-YLC-30Marble - Automated / Heated Systems
A717-LBA-20NPG/ISO Solid Surface
T396-100Pigment Grinding Vehicle

Pultru® Pultrusion:

Pultru® resins provide the highest levels of color versatility, surface quality, and durable performance with dramatically higher line speeds with faster wet out and filler loadings.

Product CodeDescription
P706-101Multi-Purpose Isophthalic Pultrusion
P764-250High Reactivity Isophthalic Pultrusion
P767NPG ISO. Pultrusion
P920-72Low Styrene, Medium Reactivity
S903Multi-Purpose High Reactivity - DCPD Pultrusion

Closed Molding Resins:

AOC molding resins set the new standard for sheet molding composite surface quality excellence.

Product CodeDescription
S342High Reactivity Propylene Maleate, SMC, BMC
P706-101Multi-Purpose Isophthalic, Injection Molding
T750-70Isophthalic Flexible Blending Resin, SMC, BMC
P767NPG / ISO Improved Weathering, SMC, BMC

Firepel® Fire Retardant:

Firepel® series resins are designed for fire resistant applications where ASTM flame and smoke properties are required.

Product CodeDescription
K130-PTJ-20Class I Flame and Smoke, 35% Styrene
K133-AAA-00Designed for blending with ATH to Provide Fire Retardant Properties
K320-ATT-10Designed to be blended with ATH to Provide Fire Retardant Properties
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