American Colloid Comapny Mineral Thickeners

Technical grades of Bentonite are used as general purpose suspending, emulsifying and binding agents in industrial products. They are commonly used as rheological modifiers, in latex paints, tape joint compounds, asphalt emulsions, cement; as a binding agent in brick production and the production of pencil leads. They are also widely used for remedial waterproofing in the construction industry.

Technical grades of Hectorite are used as thickeners and rheological modifiers in water-based paints, cleaning compounds, oven cleaners, polishes, sealants and other areas.

Technical grades of Magnesium Aluminum Silicate are used wherever a thixotropic material is desired to retard settling and stabilize an aqueous system. They are used in water based emulsion paints, inks, sealants, joint compounds, adhesives, caulks, etc.

Product CodeName
49Volclay SPV 200
149Volclay 325 Mesh
349Asphalt Emulsion Grade 325
200Asphalt Emulsion Grade - Powder
BentoniteAsphalt Emulsion Grade - Granular
331Bentobrite 770
344Volclay GPG 30
354Polargel T (Technical)
660Volclay HPM 20 (5 micron)
Panther Creek 200Panther Creek 200
vol149cerVolclay 325 Mesh
Product CodeName
353Hectalite 200
355Hectalite GM
HectoriteHectabrite AW
407Hectabrite DP
Magnesium Aluminum Silicate
Product CodeName
105Magnabrite T

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