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Here you will find the coatings and construction raw materials you need for your applications. Click on each product to find more information and download technical data sheets (TDS). Safety data sheets (SDS) can be downloaded on Brenntag Connect.

If you can't find what you're looking for or would like to try a sample, contact a member of our team for additional information.


Our specialty chemical products for the coatings and construction industry are grouped by product category. Jump to a product category by clicking the links below.


Achiewell Acid Scavengers
Achiewell Nonionic Surfactants
Achiewell Photoinitiators
Alcoa Unground Bayer ATH
Allnex Additol Coatings Additives
Amspec Antimony Trioxide
Almatis Ground Bayer Hydrate (FlameGard)
Ashland Defoamers
Ashland Surfactants
Ashland Wetting Agents
Ashland pH Neutralizing Agents
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Stearates
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Ground Bayer ATH
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Ground White ATH
InterspersalAntioxidants / Antiozonants
InterspersalUV Absorgerd and HALS
InterspersalOptical Brighteners
Koster Keunen Waxes
Momentive Silanes
Momentive Silicone Additives
Nabaltec Precipitated ATH
PPGFlatting Agents
PPG Rheological Modifiers
PPGAnti-Corrosion Pigments
Poraver Glass Granules
Potters Industries Microspheres
Solenis Misc. Additives
Wacker HDK Fumed Silica
Wacker Dispersible Polymer Powders for Construction


Aquasperions Blocked Isocyanate Crosslinkers
BASF Specialty Amines
Brenntag Specialties, Inc.Epoxy Curing Agents - See Resins / Intermediates
Dorf Ketal Titanate Catalysts
Dorf Ketal Zirconate Catalysts
NouryonOrganic Peroxides
PMC Organometallix Tin Catalysts
Polyaziridine LLC Aziridine Crosslinker


Almatis Calcined Alumina
Almatis Tabular Alumina
Almatis Polishing Alumina
Barretts Minerals Talc
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Barytes
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Low Micron Talc
BASF Activated Alumina
Excalibar Ground Barium Sulfate
Excalibar Calcium Carbonate
ICF - Dead Sea Periclase Magnesium Oxide
Malayan Adhesives and Chemicals (MAC) Phenolic Microspheres
Mississippi Lime Calcium Hydroxide
Mississippi Lime Calcium Oxide
Pacer Dry Ground Mica
Pacer Potassium Feldspar
Potters Microspheres
SolvayRare Earths
Southeastern Performance Minerals Wet and Dry Ground Mica
Specialty Minerals, Inc Ground Calcium Carbonate
Specialty Minerals, Inc Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
US Gypsum Precipitated Calcium Sulfate
US Silicia Ground Silica
ZeochemZinc Oxide


AOC Pigment Dispersions
Sun Chemical Organic Pigments
Sun Chemical Pigment Preparations
Sun Chemical Special Effect Pigments
Sun Chemical Pearlescents / Metallics
Tokai Carbon CB Carbon Black
Venator (Holliday) Ultramarine Blue / Violet
Venator (Holliday) Manganese Violet
Venator Iron Oxides
Venator Chromium Green Oxides

Resins and Intermediates

Achiewell Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resin
Allnex Resins Coatings Additives
Allnex Resins Acrylic Polyols
Allnex Resins Alkyd Resins
Allnex Resins Castor Oil Polyols
Allnex Resins Epoxy Ester Resins
Allnex Resins Non Isocyanate 2K Resins
Allnex Resins Oil Modified Polyurethanes
Allnex Resins Polyester Resins
Allnex Resins Rheology Control Resins
AOC Polyester Resins
AOC Vinyl Ester Resins
Aquasperions Polyvinyl Butyral Dispersions
Arkema Waterborne Emulsions Architectural Coatings
Arkema Waterborne Emulsions Industrial Coatings
Arkema Waterborne Emulsions Elastomeric Coatings
Arkema Waterborne Emulsions Traffic Paints
Arkema Waterborne Emulsions Construction Caulks & Sealants
Arkema Waterborne Emulsions Opaque Polymers
Arkema Waterborne Emulsions Floor Care and Sport Surfaces
Arkema Waterborne Emulsions Dust Control
Arkema Specialty Epoxides
Ashland Polymers
Ashland Copolymers
Ashland Vinyl Monomers
Ashland Acrylates
BASF Baxxodur Amines
BraskemPIB Polybutenes
Braskem Hydrocarbon Resins
Eastman Polyvinyl Butyral Resins
Georgia-Pacific Chemicals Phenolic Resins and WB Dispersions
Hexion Performance Products
Hexion Specialty Resins
Hexion Specialty Liquid Epoxy Resins
Hexion Major Resins
Hexion Epoxy Diluents / Modifiers
Hexion Epoxy Curing Agents
Hexion Precursors
Jiangsu Sanmu UV Products - Oligomers and Monomers
Kumho Styrenated Phenol
Lanxess Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersions
Phlex Tek Waterborne and Solventborne Phenoxy Resins
PQ Corporation Lithium Silicate
Solenis PAE Resins
Solenis SMA Resins
Wacker Silicone Resins
Wacker VAE Emulsions - Adhesives (Vinyl Chloride)
Wacker VAE Emulsions - Paints and Coatings (Vinyl Chloride)
Wacker Dispersions for Construction
Wacker High Heat / Corrosion Resistant Resins
Wacker Vinnol Vinyl Chloride Resins
Wacker Vinnapas Vinyl Acetate Resins
Wanhua Waterborne Acrylic Resins
Wanhua Water Reducible Isocyanates
Wanhua Water Reducible Acrylic Polyols
Wanhua Rheology Modifiers
Wanhua MDI Prepolymers
Wanhua TDI Prepolymers
Wanhua Polyether Polyols


BraskemPIB Polybutenes
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Tall Oil Fatty Acid - TOFA


TBF Environmental VOC Compliant Solvents


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