US Gypsum Calcium Sulfate

Calcium Sulfate is primarily used in ceramic molds. SNOW WHITE filler, anhydrous calcium sulfate, is made by high temperature calcination of select, high purity gypsum which is then ground and air separated into a bright, white powder. SNOW WHITE filler is used in a variety of polymeric and cementitious systems. Terra Alba #1, calcium sulfate dihydrate, is made by fine grinding and air separating a select, high purity, white gypsum containing about 20% water of crystallization. Hydro-Stone is hard and strong with high water absorption resistance, works well in plaster and most flexible moulding compounds, and is used in high-quality art novelty and statuary castings.

Calcium Sulfate - Technical Grades
Snow White FillerAnhydrous
Terra Alba No. 1 (116)Dihydrate
Hydro-StoneGypsum Cement

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