Solvay Polishing Powders

Solvay produces high quality polishing powders derived from rare earths. Cerox™ 1650 is specially designed for optical applications, and are recommended for crystal and quartz polishing. Cerox™ 2620 is specially designed for high rate polishing of photomask edge (GHD edge, cover glass, LCD thinning).

POLISHING OPALINE™ is a high purity cerium oxide. POLISHING OPALINE™ is mainly for high precision polishing on all types of pads but mainly on pitch and "Polytron" or "Desmopan". Although having an efficiency slightly weaker than Cerox™, OPALINE™ is appreciated for the works the more delicate, and for hand polishing, which ask an impeccable finished.

Cerox Polishing Powders
Cerox 1650Optical Applications
Cerox 2620High Rate Polisging
Opaline™ Polishing Powders
Opaline PolishingHigh Precision Polishing
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