Alcoa Unground Bayer Alumina ATH

Alcoa Unground Bayer Hydrate is more accurately described as aluminum trihydroxide, Al(OH)3. It is used extensively in the production of aluminum chemicals, most commonly: alum, zeolites, aluminum chlorohydrates, sodium aluminate, anhydrous aluminum fluoride, sodium aluminum sulfate, aluminum phosphate, alumina-based catalysts, and poly aluminum sodium silicate.

C30 is widely used as flame retardant and smoke-suppressant fillers in carpet backing, rubber and polymer systems, including thermosets, thermoplastics and elastomers. C30 is also useful in the manufacture of crystal, glass, refractories and in vitreous enamel, frits, and glazing mixtures.

Unground Bayer Hydrate
BSI CodeAlcoa Code
644C30 - Unground Bayer Hydrate

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