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Partnering with Brenntag allows you to draw from a full range of capabilities and resources to develop the latest, cutting-edge products for a variety of industries. This is exactly what a professional Product Developer is looking for, because we know it's important to find the right solution for your products.

Use our technical expertise to make your job easier

Thanks to our team of industry-dedicated technical experts, we offer blending services that allow us to create custom-made blends, and provide formulating and technical support from our dedicated application laboratories. With laboratories dedicated to ACES, Construction, Food & Nutrition and Personal Care, customers and suppliers receive the best technical support in the industry.

Our technical expertise is complemented by our sales teams which make the most of their profound application and product know-how, and top-rate market intelligence, to devise the perfect, tailor-made solutions.

We procure regionally and globally for our extensive product portfolio, guaranteeing our customers access to high-quality materials and ingredients from across the globe.


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