How can we help you?

At Brenntag, we strive to provide all contacts for our customers and suppliers with pertinent information appropriate for their specific job roles. Below we explain how we are committed to making your jobs as easy as possible when working with us as your chemical distributor.


Are you making the purchasing decisions for your company's chemical and ingredient needs? At Brenntag we source, purchase, store, and transport large-scale quantities of both industrial and specialty chemicals.

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Product Developer

Are you looking for help on developing an existing or new product? Our team of industry-dedicated technical experts is available to assist with blending, formulation, and tehcnical support to deliver tailor-made solutions.

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Logistics Expert

Are you responsible for ensuring smooth delivery of your company's chemical ingredients? We are here to provide you and your company with efficient supply chain practices and best-in-class customer service.

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Are you trying to get your products into the hands of your customers? Brenntag functions as a direct link between suppliers and customers while utilizing our global reach and comprehensive knowledge of the markets.

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