Wacker Chemical Corporation Appoints Brenntag Specialties, Inc. (BSI) Distribution Partner for WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS CAVAMAX® Brand Cyclodextrins

Wacker Chemical Corporation has appointed Brenntag Special-ties, Inc. (BSI) distribution partner for WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS Division CAVAMAX® cyclodextrins and HTESSENCE brand of hy-droxytyrosol products.

The appointment of BSI includes the distribution of WACKER’s en-tire line of cyclodextrins and hydroxytyrosol for the food and dietary supplements markets. BSI is already WACKER’s exclusive distribu-tor for cysteine and cystine products into these markets. Along with offering a broad array of specialty ingredients, BSI offers its custom-ers formulation, technical and market support through its Food & Nutrition Applications Laboratory located in Bethlehem, PA.

The addition of WACKER’s CAVAMAX® cyclodextrin products and complete line of food and dietary supplements highly complement BSI’s existing portfolio. The resulting expanded and improved port-folio of products offers customers excellent availability combined with timely service and technical support.

Cyclodextrins at WACKER
WACKER is the global market leader in cyclodextrins and offers the food and dietary supplement industry the encapsulation of a large variety of molecules via CAVAMAX® cyclodextrins. WACKER’s pioneering cyclodextrin technology is used for increasing bioavailability, stabilizing against heat and oxidation, taste or odor masking and also includes cyclodextrin formulations for flavors, antioxidants and nutrients. With CAVAMAX® W6 alpha cyclodextrins, a new food ingredient is now commercially available which combines the full functionality of a conventional emulsifier, a thickening agent as well as a whipping agent together with the positive health benefits of a soluble dietary fiber.

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The company in brief:
WACKER is a globally-active chemical company with some 16,000 employees and annual sales of around €4.48 billion (2013).
WACKER has a global network of 25 production sites, 21 technical competence centers and 52 sales offices.

Silicone fluids, emulsions, rubber and resins; silanes; pyrogenic silicas; thermo-plastic silicone elastomers

Polyvinyl acetate and vinyl acetate copolymers in the form of dispersible poly-mer powders, dispersions, solid resins and solutions used as binders for con-struction chemicals, paints and coatings, adhesives, plasters, textiles and nonwovens, as well as for polymeric materials based on renewable resources

Biotech products such as cyclodextrins, cysteine and biologics, as well as fine chemicals and PVAc solid resins

Polysilicon for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries

Hyperpure silicon wafers and monocrystals for semiconductor components


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