Brenntag North America Renews Agreement with SmartDrive Systems, Inc.

Brenntag North America, Inc., part of the Brenntag Group, the global market leader in chemical and ingredients distribution, renews a three-year contract with SmartDrive Systems.

SmartDrive® is a video-based safety program combining video safety, analytics, telematics, and compliance from a single box. The system tracks speed, throttle, g-forces, and acceleration. In addition to tracking these metrics, the SmartDrive team developed a program capable of merging the data with ELD technology, providing managers with a better understanding of driving performance.

The SmartDrive system allows our drivers to continuously improve through:

  • Access to video within minutes
  • Extended recording options
  • Interactive visualizations
  • Protection from all angles with a flexible camera
  • Video and vehicle data

“We began to see results immediately after uniting with SmartDrive in 2014. Not only did our drivers change their habits by driving more carefully, but we witnessed a cultural shift throughout the company,” said Matt Fridley, Corporate Manager of Safety, Health, and Security at Brenntag. “In all aspects of their work, employees throughout the company became safer. We attribute 100% of this companywide impact to SmartDrive.”

At Brenntag, safety always comes first. Striving for zero accidents and incidents worldwide, we aim to set industry standards for safety measures. To ensure we hit our safety goals, over 1,200 camera system units were installed in our truck fleet in the United States. The renewed three-year contract will allow us to continue to focus on this implementation in 2020.

“Throughout the course of our collaboration, Brenntag has experienced remarkable improvements to its bottom line and, most importantly, the safety of its employees,” said Steve Mitgang, Chief Executive Officer at SmartDrive. “Building and expanding on success to date, we are excited to continue driving measurable safety and operational gains across all divisions of Brenntag North America.”

In July of 2019, Brenntag was awarded the SmartDrive Safety Ambassador Award, which recognizes individuals who champion safety within their fleet, demonstrating a passion to make our roads, their company, and their drivers as safe as possible.

About SmartDrive Systems:

SmartDrive Systems gives fleets and drivers unprecedented driving performance insight and analysis, helping save fuel, expenses and lives. Its video safety, predictive analytics, telematics, compliance and personalized performance program help fleets improve driving skills, lower operating costs and deliver significant ROI. With an easy-to-use managed service, fleets and drivers can access and self-manage driving performance anytime, anywhere. The company, which is ranked as one of the fastest growing companies by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ for five consecutive years, has compiled the world’s largest storehouse of more than 250 million analyzed risky-driving events. SmartDrive Systems is based in San Diego, Calif., and employs over 725 people worldwide.

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