Avenacare™ oat beta glucan shows very positive results in hair care clinical study

Clinical studies carried out using Avenacare™, the oat beta glucan product from Swedish company Biovelop AB, have shown very positive results. A study was conducted by an independent, US-based testing laboratory to investigate the ability of Avenacare™ to increase tensile hair strength.

David Peters, Director of Sales and Marketing for Biovelop, commented: “The successful completion of this clinical study provides scientific substantiation relating to the use of Avenacare™ oat beta glucan in hair care. Avenacare™ offers a natural and cost-effective way to incorporate the hair-strengthening properties of oat beta glucan into a wide range of hair care products.”

Michele Margherita, Personal Care Specialties Marketing Director for Brenntag Specialties, Inc. stated, "Avenacare™ will be presented at our stand at the SCC Suppliers' Day Exposition on October 25 & 26 in Long Beach, CA. We are proud that Brenntag Specialties, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Avenacare™ oat beta glucan in the USA, and look forward to sharing the results of the clinical study with attendees at the show."

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The studies described above have not been submitted to, reviewed, validated or approved by the US FDA. As such, BSI neither makes nor endorses any claims made by others relating to Avenacare other than its suitability for use as a cosmetic ingredient as defined under CFR Title 21 as well as current US FDA enforcement guidelines.

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	Hubertus Spethmann

Hubertus Spethmann Brenntag AG Vice President Corporate Communications +49 201 6496 0