Our vision serves as a common guideline, which illustrates how we will position ourselves in the chemical distribution market in the long term in order to continue our successful development. It covers the following points:

  • We are the safest chemical distributor striving for zero accidents and incidents.
  • Throughout the world, we connect our customers and suppliers by providing the most effective industry channel.
  • We are the global market leader in all our chosen markets and industries, offering the most professional sales & marketing organization in the industry, ensuring consistently high standards every day, everywhere.
  • We strive to provide a working environment where the best people want to work.
  • We generate sustainable and high returns for our shareholders and other stakeholders.

Brenntag’s global HSE strategy encapsulates our principles in the areas of safety, product stewardship, the environment, adherence to laws (compliance) and quality. This strategy is implemented in our company’s various regions within the scope of separate HSE programs. HSE manuals define concrete goals, measures, processes and procedures which are applied and implemented in the regions’ locations.

Compliance with the HSE program is reviewed through regular internal and external audits. Brenntag manages HSE data in various databases at regional level and also forwards them to the company’s central Corporate Health, Safety & Environment department. At each individual location, together with external experts Brenntag continuously examines and evaluates the environmental risks, including historical data which allow inter alia conclusions to be drawn about possible contamination.

This information is collated in an environmental database which also serves as a basis for determining environmental provisions and is an instrument for organizing necessary environmental remediation work. Brenntag has implemented various management systems in the field of HSE. Certifications and assessments by independent third parties document the company’s performance and ensure its compliance with applicable standards.

Certified and assessed operating locations (in %)*ISO 14001OHSAS 18001SQAS_ESAD* (Europe)

* The percentage figures for ISO 14001 include purely sales-based locations as well as warehouse locations. The OHSAS 18001 figures exclusively refer to warehouse locations.
** SQAS-ESAD (Safety and Quality Assessment System, European Single Assessment Document) is a catalogue featuring more than 500 detailed questions on the handling of chemicals. It is intended to provide a uniform assessment of the HSE and quality management system of chemical distributors and is associated with the Responsible Care/Responsible Distribution industry initiative.

When we think of our business, we need to ask ourselves two questions: How can we help our business partners to succeed – today and in the future? What is the benefit for our partners working with us? Our strap line “ConnectingChemistry” is the ultimate answer to both of these questions.

Brenntag strives to be the industry’s most effective and preferred channel partner. Our industry and customer-focused approach to chemical distribution builds on connecting customers and suppliers in a winning partnership. Always being committed to our partners’ success, we serve as their extension, sharing our intelligence on markets, industries and applications. We support them in reacting flexibly to ever-changing market conditions and help them focus on their core business by managing their complexity. We are the only chemical distributor which complements a broad global network with outstanding local execution. Brenntag is there for its partners – anytime, anywhere.

Brenntag is truly a “people’s business”. Everything we achieve as a business is accomplished with and through our employees. They are the connection between our business partners. They connect people and build relationships.

We demonstrate that the distribution of chemicals and ingredients is not just a business for us. It is an attitude. And our passion is to be the best partner connecting you as our customers and suppliers in local markets worldwide.