What is Xylene

A highly volatile and colorless liquid, Mixed Xylene has a transparent structure of two methyls (CH3) attached to a benzene ring (C6H6). Depending on the position of the methyl component, Xylene has three isomers; ortho, meta and paraxylene.

  • INCI: Xylene
  • Chemical Formula: C8H10
  • CAS Number: 1330-20-7

Product Specifications


Chemical Formula C8H10
CAS Number 1330-20-7
Molar Weight 106,16 g/mol
Specific Gravity 0.87
Melting Point −47.4 °C
Boiling Point 138.5 °C
Flash Point 30 °C

Uses and Applications for Xylene


  • Coatings & Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Polymers

Purchase options for Xylene

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