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Linking suppliers‘ expertise to local markets

Having access to around 170,000 customers worldwide, Brenntag functions as a direct link between suppliers and customers thus enabling the company to introduce high-potential products to individual markets. By combining our global reach with a comprehensive knowledge of the markets, we successfully place our suppliers’ products in different countries in different regions at the same time – however remote they may be. Thereby Brenntag reinforces their business development process, hence serving as a source of innovation to the supplier. Moreover, since health, safety and environmental standards are a must in our business model, we are the first choice for chemical suppliers.

Analyzing potential with in-depth knowledge.

Introducing a product to a new market is a collaborative and dynamic process. At Brenntag, we are convinced that only by knowing the objectives of our suppliers well are we able to unfold the full potential of their products in the respective markets around the world. This is why our regional marketing manager as well as our sales force stay in close contact to both suppliers and customers by regularly attending industry meetings and chemical congresses. Our experienced regional marketing managers work with sophisticated customer relationship management systems that allow Brenntag to safely capture all relevant information and fully analyze the potential for a specific product.

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We are committed to integrity in our business transactions, in our dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors and towards our employees and the public.

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Our goal is to be the safest chemical distributor worldwide. This commitment encompasses the health and safety of our employees as well as product safety and the protection of the environment. Safety is part of our corporate strategy.

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