SABIC is a global leader in petrochemicals manufacturing, operating innovation and production hubs in the USA, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and North East Asia. The company has more than 35 000 employees in more than 50 countries.

The company portfolio covers various types of chemicals, including standard and high performance plastics applied almost in all industries, e.g. for building and construction, packaging, healthcare, agriculture, electrical and electronics, automotive and green energy.

SABIC holds more than 12 191 patent filings globally and has five key geographies with innovation hubs: the Middle East, the USA, Europe, South Asia and North Asia.


In line with its long tradition of pursuing excellence through quality enhancement, SABIC has been continuously improving technology, applications and solutions.

SABIC polyacetals offered by Brenntag Polska may be applied for manufacturing of packaging, car equipment, medical equipment, agricultural, electrical and electronics.


  • low coefficient of friction
  • good abrasion resistance
  • good mechanical properties
  • high chemical resistance
  • good low temperature resistance



  • SABIC® POM 30RE (MVR: 2,5)
    is a special grade for Rods and Extrusion sheet applications free of center porosity in large diameter and thickness
  • SABIC® POM 30S (MVR: 2,5)
    is a high molecular weight copolymer POM grade suitable for injection molding and extrusion applications for parts requiring rigidity and strength for many applications
  • SABIC® POM 90S (MVR: 8)
    is a medium molecular weight grade suitable for Injection molding applications for parts requiring high rigidity and strength for many applications
  • SABIC® POM 140S (MVR: 12)
    is an easy flowing grade suitable for injection molding applications for precision molded parts and thinwalled molded parts require high rigidity
  • SABIC® POM 280S (MVR: 24)
    is a very easy flowing grade for injection molding applications requiring with high rigidity and hardness
  • SABIC® POM 460S (MVR: 39)
    is an extremely easy flowing grade suitable for injection molding applications for very thin-walled precision molded parts with critical flow-path-wall thickness relation; the grade permits processing at reduced temperature, shorter cycle times suitable for many parts


SABITAL™ products are POM copolymer compounded with glass fibers for injection molding applications requiring high stiffness, strength and thermal property.

  • SABITAL™ 90GV10 (glass fiber content: ca. 10%, MVR: 6)
  • SABITAL™ 90GV20 (glass fiber content: ca. 20%, MVR 4,5)
  • SABITAL™ 90GV30 (glass fiber content: ca. 25%, MVR: 4)

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