Brenntag Clorious2 is a simple and safe solution, thanks to which you will never have to worry about the biofilm on installations. It is a simple and safe way to take an advantage of all the benefits of chlorine dioxide in water disinfection without major investments. This is particularly important when small amounts of disinfectant are needed. Clorious2 is not burdened with limitations and disadvantages typical for conventional chlorine dioxide production methods, thanks to which a wider group of recipients can benefit from it.


It is a ready-to-use, stabilized, unadulterated chlorine dioxide solution. The right concentration of the active substance provides no need for additional admixtures at the place of use, so there is no solution activation time.

Biofilm and other contamination occur in almost all industrial processes, where water is used, e.g. in water purification and distribution installations or food production. Biological contamination can lead to the equipment damage or contamination of the finished product, causing costly problems and consequently significant financial losses.

This is where Clorious2 comes to the rescue.


In addition to the obvious benefits of the effective water disinfection, Clorious2 has a number of advantages, distinguishing the product against the competition:

  • solution sold ready for use
  • no mixing required at the site of use
  • no need to use a generator and no activation period
  • pure chlorine dioxide with high concentration (6,000 ppm)
  • long-term stability
  • safety of use
  • possibility of administration by using a dosing pump
  • patented technology
  • introduced, produced and sold by Brenntag


Clorious2 can be successfully used in all industries, such as:

  • agriculture
  • animal husbandry
  • gardening
  • meat and fish processing
  • food industry (also dairy)
  • beverage industry
  • public buildings (e.g. hotels, hospitals)
  • municipal facilities (e.g. sewage treatment plants and drinking water purification plants)

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