Brenntag Latin America’s Agriculture business unit shares your desire to sensitively develop innovative products and solutions. Our team in Latin America provides customers with global access to a comprehensive range of specialty ingredients and world-class manufacturers.

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Main Applications:

  • Banana and citrus fruit plantations
  • Sugar cane harvesting
  • Cut flower industries
  • Rice
  • Coffee
  • Corn
  • Mango

  • Palmetto
  • Tobacco
  • Pastures
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Strawberries
  • Cauliflower


The use of Agrofeed preserves water as a valuable resource and lessens the filtration of fertilizers through the soil; this fact becomes a significant contribution towards a cleaner agriculture. Agrofeed development is founded on the tailored technical support provided to customers by an excellent human and professional group. AGROFEED is a complete liquid fertilizer, specially formulated in accordance to technical directions where SOIL, WATER, AND THE CULTIVATION are taken into account. In other words, once your request has been processed, it is a tailor-made nutritional solution.

Agrofeed is not only a product, but a service too. As a global business model in Latin America, the advantage of using Agrofeed emerges from the services we offer to our customers. This is achieved by our technical team made up of highly qualified people to provide recommendations in the field at an agricultural level. In different countries, Brenntag’s agricultural engineers provide our customers with consulting services through their technical support. Our team commercializes the Agrofeed liquid fertilizer that is applied through sophisticated dosing systems in accordance to nutritional requisites and the developmental stages of each crop. We are always watching the quality of our products in our labs.

Granular solid fertilizers

We play an important role in Ecuador supplying granular solid fertilizers for different crops that require professional support and advice to improve yields and productivity. We specialize in providing solutions to our customers, elaborating formulations according to the specific needs of each crop. We are a "partner" that seeks to provide "complete solutions", ranging from visits to understand climatic and soil conditions, the amount of money allocated for fertilization, and the formulations required during the growing cycle, harvest, and the next planning cycle.


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