Adding Value and Simplification

With Brenntag Blending Solutions we are providing value-added services for our customers:


Brenntag is your manufacturer of customer specific and own-brand formulations

  • liquid/liquid
  • liquid/solid
  • solid/solid


Brenntag is your provider of packaging solutions ranging from 0.5 liter to full bulk loads.

Brenntag BBS Partnership


When you are looking for your trusted partner, Brenntag is the one focusing on both product quality and customer confidentiality.

Your Benefits at Brenntag

  • Extensive global sourcing network, which enables raw-materials and packaging to be competitively sourced
  • Robust quality systems, which deliver products that you can trust
  • Fully compliant to all relevant regulations, including REACH and BPR
  • Application experts dedicated to specific industries
    - 60 blending facilities across EMEA
    - 100 Technical experts who can deliver faster and more effective results
    - 27 application laboratories across EMEA
  • Extensive Logistics and Infrastructure network that you can rely on
  • Fully Committed to the Principles of Responsible Care / Responsible Distribution


Brenntag disposes of 5 locations to blend different kind of mixtures for our customers. Our specialties are liquid/liquid mixtures and liquid/solid mixtures. These mixtures are available in various packagings, from deliveries in bulk to deliveries in cans.

Single powder solutions or complex compositions? Our team strives to introduce the best possible solution to the customer. Moreover, our different installations meet the highest demands of Food and Cosmetics.

Brenntag Blending Solutions offers blending solutions for different industries.

European Network of Brenntag Blending Solutions

Besides our own equipment, we can also use the installations at other European Brenntag sites to produce, amongst others, mixtures of solids. This European network allows us to produce close to our customers, which results in a more convenient and cost efficient logistic process.

Quality and Safety First

Quality and security is our priority! A team of specialists evaluate every new demand:

  • Can we produce this mixture without any risk?
  • Do we have the technical means?
  • Do we have a license to make this mixture?
  • Can we meet the required quality demands?

Once the Account Managers receive a green light from our specialists, then we can make an offer. Our quality systems and the control of our own labo on-site guarantee you will receive at each time the required quality.

We do not fear challenges - if a specific demand requires a specific investment, we will always consider the possibilities.

Which solids do you use as a fluid in your production?

Purchasing custom-made mixtures will offer you a series of benefits :

  • A certified quality and composition
  • A simplification of your production process
  • Finance/cost management
  • By contracting out potentially dangerous blending processes you create a more secure environment for your employees
  • Less waste, reducing your leftovers of raw material and it will be more easy to comply to different licenses

Should you require any more information, you can contact one of our Account Managers or the Brenntag Blending Solution coordinator.

Individual solutions

Do you have a specific request?
We are happy to help you creating winning products for your target markets.

Get in touch with our industry experts to discuss what Brenntag can do for your business.