Robinson Muñoz, Casa Manager, Brenntag Colombia

Robinson Muñoz

“A company without environmental principles is a company without a future."

Robinson Muñoz

Casa Manager, Brenntag Colombia

"I joined Brenntag Colombia in 2009 and since day one I have found that no two days are the same. Our business is very dynamic, so your mind is always alert and ready to make the right decision – especially when it comes to safety. My role as a CASA Manager is to support and implement Brenntag Latin America’s Quality, Safety and the Environment program which is called CASA to ensure sustainability all throughout our company’s supply chain and at all our six sites in Colombia.

Our challenge is a daily one. Each day we move hundreds of tonnes of chemicals within our various premises, by land and by sea. The nature of our business is such that we cannot feel exempt from accidents that can potentially lead to injuries to people, damage to the environment or a less-than-expected level of service for our customers. Nonetheless, Brenntag Colombia has had a zero accident rate in the last five years. Seeing how each day ends with people going home safely and with zero impact on the environment fills us with pride. This is achieved because we have the best staff, working with the strictest of strategies and procedures."

Robinson Munoz
Robinson Munoz in a chat with a woman

"The challlenge is to change habits"

Respect is Brenntag's message

"The most critical aspect for a good CASA performance is to continuously work on making safety a part of our DNA and our behavior. Changing behaviors may not be easy but it is possible. We need to be consistent with our policies and we need to transmit Brenntag’s message of respect for the environment to each employee. That’s why for example each day starts with five-minute talks with all the staff. This is the perfect time to convey messages focused on quality, safety and the environment. This is also a good opportunity to listen to people. I’m convinced that the day you stop talking about caring for the environment, you miss a great opportunity for directing habits towards an environmentally friendly culture.

The comprehensive CASA programme implemented at Brenntag Colombia comprises several policies, procedures and programmes that support our environmental objectives: it is in compliance with national legislation, international protocols as well as standards of chemical industry associations."

"We are working with suppliers that are seriously committed to protecting the environment. We are efficiently using natural resources like energy and water in our processes. For example, we have implemented recycling and water and energy saving campaigns, and have modified our infrastructure to make it more environmentally friendly. From the moment when facilities are built or upgraded, we make sure that they meet the highest safety standards in issues such as containment, API standards for tanks, electrical standards, fire systems, certified hoses and safe processing equipment. In addition, Brenntag Colombia advises its customers on caring responsibly for the materials we sell them and offers them, whenever possible, a portfolio of environmentally friendly products for their processes and applications.

In addition, Brenntag Colombia’s strategies include the development of social assistance programs with an environmental focus. To give an example: in a project called “Sowing hope” we gave recyclable waste that was generated at our site in Mosquera to an education center for children from low-income families. They use the recyclable resources to plant trees and sow seets. This experience enhances the children’s environmental education by raising their awareness for protecting the environment."

Robinson Muñoz

„With our planet it's the same as with your home: your care for it, you repair it, you have rules, you educate your children."

Robinson Muñoz

CASA Manager, Brenntag Colombia

Our efforts are paying off

"We at Brenntag Colombia saw encouraging results in the field of environmental protection and a great CASA performance achievement in recent years. In the last five years we have had a zero accident rate and we have gained the internal “CASA Award” that is given annually to a company of the Brenntag Latin America region in recognition of being a leader in terms of safety, quality and the environment. Most recently, the CASA team successfully participated in managing the sub-contractors that built the storage units, tanks and filling stations at the Mosquera site – a huge project that was finalized with a zero accident rate.

Brenntag is a company that strives to improve on an ongoing basis and that poses professional challenges every day. I am proud to say that the CASA team at Brenntag Colombia is doing its best to contribute to Brenntag’s vision of being the safest distributor worldwide and the most responsible in protecting the environment. A company without environmental values and principles is a company without a future in the market. And in the end, everyone should care about environmental protection because this planet is our home. We only have this one earth and it is our responsibility to protect and care for it. It is like your home: you care for it, you repair it, you have rules, you educate your children — with our planet it’s the same thing but on a larger scale."

Robinson Muñoz

Fact Sheet Robinson Muñoz


Born in Cali, Valle del Cauca, Robinson lives today in Colombia’s capital Bogotá




Studied engineering at the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente in Cali and specialized in environmental management. Robinson has also completed studies in occupational health and safety.

Career at Brenntag:

Robinson joined Brenntag in 2009 and has always been in the CASA area. He started as a supervisor and was then promoted to CASA Management in Colombia, where he now leads the CASA team and work at the Barranquilla, Mosquera, Cali and Medellín sites.

Free time:

He likes cycling and used to do it a lot, but nowadays doesn’t find the time to do often. Instead he watches the big tours on TV like Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a España and Vuelta a Colombia. He is a real family guy and likes going to the cinema and playing soccer.

Past or present famous people to have dinner with?

Michael Jordan because Robinson is a huge basketball fan and Michael Jordan was always his inspiration as he is a great achiever and leader for his team.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee – and if it is from Colombia, even better!