Brenntag Specialties: Energy Star environmental certificate for Philadelphia site

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In 2017, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, site of Brenntag Specialties in the USA was awarded an Energy Star environmental certificate from the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This successful certification is mainly attributable to the completion of two comprehensive efficiency measures which have been gradually implemented at the site’s warehouse since 2013: first of all, energy-saving fluorescent lighting with motion sensor activation was introduced. Subsequently, in 2016 a modern boiler system for the site’s heated areas and storage tanks was installed which considerably reduced energy consumption thanks to its high level of efficiency. These measures have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by almost 28% on 2012 levels and resulted in an improve ment in the company’s Energy Star rating from 66 to 83 points in July 2017. An on-site audit performed by an independent auditor finally confirmed that the site had qualified for this certificate.

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