Brenntag signs exclusive agreement with Interspersal in the US

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Brenntag Specialties, LLC, part of the Brenntag Group, the global market leader in chemical and ingredients distribution, announces a new distribution agreement with in the United States.

The agreement consists of exclusive distribution of Interspersal’s antioxidants, UV absorbers, HALS, and optical brightener product lines, which fall under the following names:

  • SperseStab: Antioxidants
  • SperseStab: UV Absorbers and HALS
  • SperseBright: Optical Brighteners

Characteristics and advantages of these products consist of, but are not limited to, extensive FDA clearances, low viscosity, low volatility, discoloration prevention, good compatibility, and thermal stability.

“We are very encouraged by our newly formed relationship with Interspersal. Their broad array of unique optical brighteners, antioxidants, UV absorbers, and HALS will allow Brenntag to continue to offer our customers a complete line of specialty ingredients for their formulary needs,” says Ted Davlantes, Vice President , Brenntag North America. “Interspersal’s strong technical support, alongside our dedicated industry lab teams, will ensure our customers are always on the leading edge of technological advancements.”

Interspersal has over 70 years of combined additive experience. Their portfolio can be utilized in a variety of end-use applications in the coatings and construction, rubber, HI&I, paper, composites, and plastics markets.

“We are pleased to be selected by Brenntag Specialties, LLC to supply and provide technical support for their coatings and construction, rubber, HI&I, paper, plastics, and composites businesses,” said Tom Vetterly, President of Interspersal Inc. “This provides Interspersal with tremendous growth and the opportunity to expand our unique technology to a much broader customer base.”

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