Brenntag Mid-South: Technical services for surface engineering

Wet Outdoor Decking Surface

Surface engineering and finishing is a relevant topic in many sectors, such as the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries where properties such as corrosion protection, paint adhesion and wear resistance are key. Surface engineering is also important in the housing industry, for the finishing of household appliances, faucets or televisions. These are chemically highly intensive processes which are therefore subject to a large number of environmental restrictions. This includes the impact on water, waste water and sludge. As an expert in the field of water treatment, Brenntag Mid-South in the USA supports its customers in this industry with a special product portfolio as well as providing technical services. For instance, the company has assembled a technical service team to assist a growing customer base in the environmentally-friendly disposal of residues from treatment processes. For this purpose, this team has developed various specialty chemical products, including coagulants, flocculants, dispersants and heavy metal precipitants. In various ways, they all help to improve the cleaning and disposal of contaminated process water.

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