Brenntag El Salvador: Exemplary recycling project with local community

Row of plastic drink water bottles

Brenntag El Salvador has implemented an exemplary recycling project that benefits not just the environment but also the local neighbourhood at the site in San Salvador: Non-hazardous chemicals and products are regularly delivered to Brenntag in what are known as flexibags. This packaging consists of metal bars, cardboard and various fabric and plastic covers, much of which does not come into contact with the products delivered.

In line with the 3R principle (“reduction, reuse, recycling”) as part of the CASA programme operated by Brenntag Latin America, our employees use the plastic covers to protect wooden pallets, the metal rods to fortify the warehouse racks and the cardboard as dividers. They donate the large fabric covers to various establishments in the neighbourhood: A school uses them to make sun protection shields for the students, while a church community uses them to make tarpaulins for their vans. As a result, roughly one tonne of material is recycled, which is a recycling rate of 67%.

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