Brenntag comments on the delivery of isopropanol and diethylamine to Syria

Update August 2, 2019: The public prosecutor's office in Duisburg informs that it rejects the initiation of investigations in connection with the delivery of isopropanol by Brenntag Schweizerhall AG to Syria in 2014.

In the context of the publications regarding the delivery of isopropanol and diethylamine by Brenntag Schweizerhall AG (Basel, Switzerland) to Syria, Brenntag clarifies that the delivery of both products was made in accordance with applicable law. Other Brenntag entities were not involved and were not contacted. Brenntag did not circumvent EU export restrictions. The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) confirmed compliance with the export procedures to MPI before the delivery. In the follow-up (2018), SECO again comprehensively examined the case and found no misconduct.

In 2014, Brenntag Schweizerhall AG supplied the products isopropanol and diethylamine according to the specification of a well-known Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer to MPI, a licensed company of the Swiss Pharma manufacturer, for the production of an analgesic.

Export restrictions are subject to regular amendments. Brenntag has a comprehensive export control system to ensure compliance with applicable national and international export regulations.

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