Borax finds application in a variety of household laundry and cleaning products, as well as certain tooth cleaning formulations. It is also employed as an ingredient in glass and pottery glazes within the ceramics industry. In metallurgy, it serves as a solvent for metal-oxide slags, while in welding and soldering, it acts as a flux. Additionally, borax is utilized as an additive in fertilizers, a component in mouthwash solutions, and a water softener.

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Sodium Borate, Sodium tetraborate, Disodium tetraborate, E285
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1330-43-4 (anhydrous), 1303-96-4 (decahydrate), 12179-04-3 (pentahydrate)

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381.38 g/mol (decahydrate)
products.melting_point missing
75°C (decahydrate), 742°C (anhydrous)
products.boiling_point missing
1575°C (anhydrous, decomposes)
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1.72 g/cm³ (decahydrate), 1.815 g/cm³ (pentahydrate)
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Powder, White, Solid

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  • Buffer agent
  • Disinfectant
  • Welding
  • Food additive
  • Agricultural
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal care missing

  • Pharma
  • Cleaning
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Water Treatment
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Agriculture