Brenntag Rubber in Orbassano

Where production meets processing

Brenntag is the global market leader in the distribution of chemicals and ingredients and plays a central role in supplying many industries. Our offer of rubber products and services includes elastomers, fillers, plasticizers, pre-weights and dry liquids. Our passionate team in Orbassano develops innovative and customized solutions for you and the international market.

Our vast global supplier network enables us to source and produce high-quality ingredients for our valued clients. We always aim to find the perfect solution to your challenges, from products and processing issues to shipping and packaging requirements.

Optimize your rubber production with dry liquids

Our innovative dry liquids for the European rubber industry are produced onsite at Orbassano. We transform a fluid ingredient into a solid by "humectation" of the fluid in the surface of typical fillers used in rubber, such as carbon black or silica. We are specialists in handling fluids of different viscosity with a special focus on high viscosity fluids.

For manufacturers, cycle time is key to improving competitiveness. With dry liquids, dispersion time is greatly reduced, as is the risk of spillage - while the recovery of spilled material is increased. The risk of water and environmental pollution is reduced thanks to the ease of handling and dosing, compared to liquid products.

Our in-house mixers enable even dispersion and absorption of the liquid active ingredient. Our customized dry liquids are always developed to meet your individual needs.

Boost your efficiency through fast, clean and safe dosing

We offer a pre-weight service and use our know-how to pre-dose high-viscosity liquids. Automatic dosing of raw materials into bags with a low melting temperature plays an important role in the value chain, as it saves you time. All ingredients, such as vulcanizing agents, release agents and accelerators are precisely dosed in units measuring between 50 grams and 20 kilograms.

Improve your processes with our “Bags in Bag” system

Our special "Bags in Bag" system prevents chemical reactions between the different rubber chemicals in a single, combined delivery unit. This reduces operator exposure to rubber chemical contamination and lowers your inventory requirements. Separate dosing of up to eight ingredients in one unit is possible with our bags. Our Rubber specialists will be happy to show you application examples.

Strengthen your supply chain with reliability and work safety

Our site in Orbassano is DIN ISO and IATF 16949 certified. We offer these standards so that you do not have to certify yourself in a costly and time-consuming procedure. In addition, our high safety standards ensure that operations always run smoothly so that your orders are processed to the highest quality and always on time. Feel free to contact us for a list of all available certifications

Our product and service range

Brenntag is one of the preferred distribution partners of the rubber industry. Thanks to our global infrastructure, we can meet your requirements quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on your core business.

We also assists with satisfying the industry’s most stringent technical, quality and safety standards, and will work closely with you to ensure that all aspects of REACH and other relevant industry legislation are successfully implemented. You can rely on our extensive range of products and services:

  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2008. Quality Management System; SQAS/ESAD II. Attestation for Chemical Distributors; FAMI-QS. Feed Safety Management System; HACCP System in place; IATF 16949
  • Production and packaging of Dry Liquids: 20 kg bags and 600 kg or 900 kg Big Bags
  • Packaging of “Bags in Bag” with dosages of up to eight ingredients in a single step: From 50 g up to 6 kg per single bag and up to 12 kg for “Bags in bag” (total weight)
  • Repacking from big bags to various sizes and formats
  • Pre-weighing of additives
  • Storage
  • Chemical analysis: DSC - differential scanning calorimetry; FTIR - fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; TGA - thermal gravimetric analysis; KF - Karl Fischer (for the measurement of water’s traces); LECO - sulfur and carbon analyzer; Mastersizer - particle size analyzer

Do you have any questions about legal regulations, guidelines or ISO standards? Or would you like to inquire about a specific product? Our experts will be happy to help you!