ConnectingChemistry - We are Brenntag

Brenntag employees talk about their work at Brenntag

The “ConnectingChemistry” Campaign – Focusing on Employees

“ConnectingChemistry”, our company slogan, reflects Brenntag’s day-to-day business and emphasize Brenntag’s center position in the value chain. Day in, day out, the global Brenntag employees connect customers and suppliers, thus forming a hub for expertise and knowledge in the many different areas of chemical distribution. This is why we are dedicating our “ConnectingChemistry” campaign to our more than 14,000 employees, making them the focus of the communication campaign with the motto “I’m ConnectingChemistry”.

After all, it’s our employees who shape the image the world has of Brenntag. And who could tell the Brenntag story better than they can themselves? Over the coming weeks and months, more and more employees from all regions and industrial sectors will be telling their own personal “ConnectingChemistry” story right here. Over time, their contributions will form an increasingly full picture of Brenntag.