Skin- and haircare

Cosmetics can do it all: they cover up problematic areas, rejuvenate the skin, protect skin and hair, and can make us look even better. Developing a product that fulfils all of these purposes requires a variety of effective agents and a perfectly balanced recipe that conforms to national and international regulations.

With a total area of one and a half to two square metres for adults - depending on body size and weight - the skin is the largest organ of the human body. This all-rounder is covered with a hydro-lipid film consisting of water, sebum and sweat, which the skin produces itself. One of the purposes of this film is to protect the skin by sealing it so as to prevent bacteria from penetrating it. Skin also prevents heat loss and dryness, and processes stimuli related to temperature and touch. Because of the variety of purposes it fulfils, having healthy skin is paramount to our well-being.

Agents for every requirement

But not all skincare products are right for every customer. The unique challenge lies in addressing the needs of different skin types and qualities, as well as the varying climate conditions. For example, a person in South America, where the summer heat is rather dry, would have different expectations of care products than somebody in Scandinavia in the winter. Furthermore, we are confronted with different skin problems as we age. People with acne or neurodermatitis require particularly gentle products for their daily skincare regimen.

Smooth structure and radiant sheen

Hair has its own set of similarly complex requirements. Straight hair requires different treatments than curly hair, and the demands of thick hair are different to those of thin hair. Intensive care is particularly essential when it comes to dyed hair. More volume, smooth structure and a radiant sheen top the list of what people expect from their shampoos and conditioners. Yet despite all of the agents required for these various purposes, it is important to be gentle on the hair. And nuance is key, so particular care must be taken when developing the recipe.

From essential oils, aromas and complexing agents for hair to complex care regimens for all skin types: Brenntag offers a comprehensive range of agents precisely tailored to every need. Our experts will develop the perfect formula for your exclusive skincare and haircare products in our cutting-edge in-house application lab.

„With the right regimen, you can have radiant skin and healthy hair. Thanks to a variety of innovative agents and basic raw materials, cosmetics manufacturers can offer the right products for all skin and hair types. Brenntag has a wide range of raw materials for these cosmetics applications and is happy to offer personal consultation to answer any questions you may have.”

Patrick Koch, Business Manager Pharma & Cosmetics DACH