Brenntag Pharma at the Hamburg site

Ideas & solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

As a link between chemical producers and the processing industry, Brenntag Pharma offers you ideas and solutions for liquid, semi-solid and solid dosage forms of drugs, medical devices and food supplements as well as for chemical and biotechnological processes for the preparation of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. In Hamburg, we specialize in the filling of liquid pharmaceutical excipients.

Solvents as pharmaceutical excipients

In Hamburg, we specialize in liquid pharmaceutical excipients such as isopropanol. The substance known as 2-propanol is mainly used in this special quality in disinfectants, solvents and preservatives as well as in oral and dental care products.

Highest standards and comprehensively ISO certified

Our site in Hamburg has a certified filling process that is based on Part II of the European GMP guidelines. In this way, we guarantee that your products meet the legal requirements for pharmaceutical excipients 100 percent. Our team will be happy to advise you on all available standards.

Specialized flexible portfolio and digital ordering processes

The pharmaceutical team at the Brenntag site in Hamburg ensures the professional filling and storage of acetone, 2-propanol, glycerine, medical white oils and mono-propylene glycol, among others. Would you like to have other raw materials? Please contact us! As a customer, you also have the option of simply placing repeat orders yourself with Brenntag Connect - with just a few clicks.

Our range of products and services

Because pharmaceuticals, medical products and nutritional supplements have such a critical impact on human health, safety is of the highest importance in the pharmaceutical industry. With comprehensive measures, we ensure that work along the entire supply chain is reliable, transparent and in compliance with legal regulations. We support you in implementing the strict documentation requirements and safety regulations that apply in the industry. You can benefit from our extensive range of products and services at the Hamburg site:

  • Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000
  • Among others isopropanol, monopropylene glycol, acetone, glycerin and medical white oils
  • Filling of liquid pharmaceutical excipients
  • Storage in batches in separate pharmaceutical warehouse
  • Delivery in new drums and IBC's as well as tank containers
  • Direct filling
  • Traceability and transparency of delivered batches
  • Control of environmental and storage conditions
  • Change and deviation management
  • Access to Brenntag Connect for fast and easy reordering
  • FECC self-assessment questionnaire

Do you have questions about our tailor-made services or would you like to inquire about a specific raw material?

I will be happy to advise you! 
	Manuel Keune

Manuel Keune Technical Marketing Manager Pharma DACH +49 201 6496 1859