Latin America and Canada: Distribution of microbial dust suppressant to the agriculture and mining industry

An issue of increasing importance in the agriculture and mining industry is dust formation. The dust raised up from the ground during the activities is deposited and bound by either water or chemicals. For this process, Brenntag provides its customers in the Latin America region and in Canada with a sustainable solution via the microbial dust suppressant product EA1 manufactured by Earth Alive Clean Technologies. This is a 100% organic and biodegradable product based on the latest advances in microbial technology. It is free from hygroscopic salts such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, petroleum-based derivatives and other harsh chemicals usually used to control dust . It does not dry the soil out either.

According to the manufacturer’s estimates, as a result of the introduction of EA1, more than 80% of the fresh water used for dust control can be saved and used in the production processes of the minerals. In 2015, Brenntag entered into a multi-year exclusive distribution agreement for EA1 for the countries mentioned.

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