Focus on driving and transport safety

Semi truck in the country side

Brenntag is focusing on accidents involving vehicles (forklift trucks, trucks, cars, motorbikes). Although the number of incidents has remained relatively constant over the years, they are now also proportionally among the most frequent causes of injuries. Since accidents involving vehicles can also have severe consequences, extensive preventative programmes have been established in the Brenntag regions.The focus ranges from driving safety training, including for sales employees, to the use of devices to analyse driving in trucks, to improved road signage for works transport and for pedestrians at our sites.

More than 1,300 employees in 20 countries within the EMEA region perform online training each quarter on a topic related to safe driving.

Brenntag North America has had particularly positive experiences using a system that records driving behaviour and traffic situations with a video camera. If necessary, truck drivers can then analyse critical situations and unsafe behaviour with their direct managers using video clips. Since the programme was introduced, the number of accidents per million miles travelled has decreased by 72%.

Brenntag EMEA conducts special hazard analyses for internal on-site transport at its sites. Any necessary measures identified on the basis of these analyses are being implemented. These vary considerably in terms of complexity and costs, ranging from the simple installation of mirrors to the clear separation of pedestrian paths and vehicle roadways, right up to investment in vehicles and construction activities. In Deerlijk, for example, the old loadingramps were replaced in 2018 with new ones that enable safer loading.

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