Digital work methods decrease risks in transport management

Brenntag is increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of digital work methods. For example, Brenntag North America and Brenntag UK & Ireland have each introduced their own integrated IT system for stock management, product tracking and transport management.

The purpose of these systems includes tracking goods on a paperless and real-time basis as they are moved from our suppliers to our plants and to the customer, thereby minimizing the risk of product mix-ups and incorrect deliveries.

Since our drivers are equipped with corresponding tablets, required safety checks for vehicles and customer installations can be recorded with a time stamp. Any problems at the customer’s site can be documented immediately and forwarded to the relevant units at Brenntag. For example, if a driver is unsure whether a product he has on the tanker is correct for that customer’s storage tank, he can send a photo of it and obtain permission to unload.

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