Clorious2 A sustainable solution for the automotive industry

Through its product “Clorious2”, Brenntag offers automobile manufacturers an efficient and sustainable solution for the removal of microbial infestation and – even more importantly–for its permanent prevention. This new type of chlorine dioxide solution is used as an oxidizing agent and disinfectant in the water recirculating systems of the rinsing zones during the bodywork pretreatment process – with many positive effects such as a reduction of more than 40% in the biocide quantities used, reduction of approx. 20% in water use and minimization of health risks due to the reduction in the level of microbial contamination.

Brenntag offers Clorious2 as part of a holistic concept: the toxic gas chlorine dioxide is liquefied in a concentrated solution and transported in a specially designed container which complies with the highest safety standards and can be used directly from this container. The chlorine dioxide agent completely decomposes during the process. Clorious2 does not contain any undesirable or harmful by-products and only biologically decomposable products result during its use (“green fingerprint”).

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