Chemical Leasing: A Sustainable Business Model

Through chemical leasing, Brenntag offers its customers an innovative, service-oriented and sustainable business model whereby customers pay for the benefit which they realize through a chemical product. The supplier (in this case, Brenntag) is paid on the basis of functional units within the process – e. g. the volume of water purified – instead of the volume of the chemical supplied for the cleaning process. Chemical leasing fulfils a joint objective for both the supplier and the customer: to achieve the desired effect while using the lowest possible volume of chemicals.

Both parties have an incentive to achieve a further reduction in their use of chemicals through process optimizations. Where necessary, Brenntag thus provides in-depth technical advice for its customers as well as supplementary services to ensure that this business model works for both parties. Chemical leasing is particularly attractive in the areas of cleaning, heating/cooling, coatings, paints and finishes and also waste water treatment.

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