Brenntag UK & Ireland and Dr Suwelack to expand their distribution relationship in the region on the Milk & More product range

Effective February 1, 2021, Brenntag Food & Nutrition, UK & Ireland has been appointed as the sole distribution partner for Dr Suwelack’s Milk & More product range. This partnership will allow customers to access Dr Suwelack's extensive portfolio of dried milk specialties through the Brenntag Food & Nutrition, UK & Ireland network.

This step further strengthens the relationship between Brenntag Food & Nutrition and Dr Suwelack in the UK and Ireland, building upon the long-standing partnership the two organizations have enjoyed in other countries of EMEA. The Dr Suwelack product portfolio enhances the rapidly expanding portfolio of specialty food ingredients of Brenntag Food & Nutrition in the UK & Ireland.

Nicola Boulter, Director Brenntag Food & Nutrition, UK & Ireland, said: "We are delighted to form an alliance with Dr Suwelack on their comprehensive range of products bringing together the expertise, infrastructure and creative innovation capabilities of Brenntag’s team and the overarching expertise of Dr Suwelack. We look forward to developing and broadening relationships with our existing and new customers, meeting the needs of their existing and new product requirements and generating new product development projects.”

Brenntag Food & Nutrition UK and Ireland dedicated team of industry professionals is fully supported by Brenntag's UK Food Application & Development Centre which works on the development of innovative formulations, whilst keeping up to date with market trends and legislation.

Florian Stegemann, Sales Manager Business Unit Milk & More at Dr Suwelack, adds: “Brenntag Food & Nutrition has a deep market understanding and a strong presence in the region. We are impressed by their facilities and capabilities and how they manage complex supply chains whilst remaining close to the customer. We are very excited about this collaboration, because it allows two market leaders to join forces to better serve food manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. We are convinced that the customers will benefit from this new initiative.“

About Brenntag Food & Nutrition:

Brenntag Food & Nutrition, part of the Brenntag Group, is a leading provider of food ingredients to the marketplaces around the globe. We built a reputation of partnering with the best suppliers of ingredients and additives and deliver right to our customers’ needs and requirements. With more than 900 dedicated employees, a presence in 77 countries and 30 application and development centers, Brenntag Food & Nutrition provides technical expertise, tailor-made formulation and application solutions, a broad portfolio of specialty and commodity ingredients and profound industry know-how in the segments meat, poultry & fish processing, bakery & bread, dairy & ice cream, beverages, chocolate & confectionary, convenience food and fruit & vegetable processing. Brenntag Food & Nutrition makes its business partners “Sense the difference”.

About Dr Suwelack:

Good food brings success. And good food consists of good ingredients. Dr. Suwelack products pave the way for our industrial customers to create successful premium food products. When it comes to the gentle refinement of food, Dr. Suwelack is the expert. Our core areas of expertise are drying, fermentation and extraction. We refine coffee, sourdoughs, pastry goods, dairy products and other foodstuffs into high-quality products, drawing on unique know-how built up over decades.

Dr. Suwelack has been based in Billerbeck, in Germany’s Münsterland region, for over 130 years. It is from this base that we now export our products to customers all over the world. These customers value above all our excellent product quality – taste, naturalness and product safety – as well as our extremely high production standards. From fresh yoghurt to seductive caramel, dairy products have a wide appeal and are used as a basis for many delicacies and for refining many others.

We provide you with the entire spectrum of milk specialities in powder form. Our MILK product line combines the best of two worlds: the incomparable taste of fresh products with the convenience and shelf life of powder form. Here, you can find ingredients for a variety of sweet and savoury products – from chocolates, ice cream and cake to sauces, crisps and dressings. In this way, we work reliably behind the scenes for our successful customers as “the brand behind your brand”.