Brenntag: Supply chain safety

Petrochemical industry inspector

As a conscientious participant in the value chain, Brenntag does all that it can to promote increased safety for all parties involved. For this reason, we regularly incorporate our customers and suppliers into our safety culture.

In November 2017, Brenntag UK & Ireland hosted its first ever Safety Day. Joined by customers, suppliers and key experts in the supply chain, Brenntag set the scene for the pertinent topics of the day. Followed by a number of interactive workshops and presentations, the day covered a diverse range of scenarios, examples and initiatives on safety issues in chemical distribution and the wider environment. Best practices were highlighted, the benefits of partnership programs and industry voluntary initiatives were also discussed.

Brenntag Thailand provided trainings to its customers related to the safe handling of hazardous chemicals – e.g. ammonia – and emergency situations. This does not only help to prevent accidents that may happen at customers’ premises, but supports to maintain good relationship with our customers.

At Brenntag in Singapore, the managers from commercial, logistics, and HSE functions work together to ensure that defined products are delivered and unloaded safely to customers’ storage areas and tanks. They conduct risk assessments at customers’ premises prior to the first delivery and perform pre-unloading safety checks for ensuring that every filling device, connection, and relevant equipment is in good condition before unloading products. Any deficits or identified risks are addressed with the customer.

An initiative in place at Brenntag Mid-South in Atlanta, Georgia, focuses on safety issues outside the workplace: Once every quarter, the site’s customers receive a news letter on safety-related issues that are specifically not work or business-related but rather are concerned with personal safety. These include e.g. a home fire escape plan or information on defensive driving. The customers have responded very positively to this unusual and interesting form of communication.

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