Brenntag opens a new site to unify operations in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Solar panels in a grid, harnessing the power of the sun.

Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, has opened a new facility in Zarate, Argentina. With this important site of 90,000 m², Brenntag wants to consolidate its growth in the chemical product distribution market in this country.

“This new investment will unify operations in the province of Buenos Aires to a single site, in order to improve service standards and the excellence that is always provided to customers,” commented German Torres, Regional President Brenntag Essentials Latin America. “Additionally, this investment will allow us to expand our offering in the service of mixing and drumming of chemical products.”

The site will be comprised of new facilities including 500 m² of offices, 2000 m² of warehouses, approximately 1,250 m³ in tanks, three tank truck unloading spaces, two drumming stations, a Mix and Blending (M&B) building and sustainable energy sources to operate the site. With Brenntag’s own M&B facilities, customers and suppliers from both divisions, Specialties & Essentials, will benefit from reduced costs, boosted product offerings in the market, improved customer service and additional value-added services.

“Our main objective with this new site is to expand our operational capabilities of mixing and blending, drumming, labeling, and diluting processes. In the same way, we want to optimize the percentage of truck occupancy by carrying out all the dispatches from the same place,” added Rodolfo Bayona, President Brenntag Essentials Latin America South.

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