Brenntag Mid-South: Reduced idle times of truck fleet

In order to reduce fuel consumption of its fleet, Brenntag Mid-South in the USA analyzed the idle times of the engines. Thanks to the telematics systems installed and the analysis system connected to them, typical idle times can be attributed to certain operations and situations. For example, a tanker uses the auxiliary drive system to create air pressure for unloading the material.

The analysis made it possible to identify drivers and situations whereby the expected idle times were exceeded. Discussions were conducted with the respective employees in order to identify the causes of the discrepancies and, if necessary, to bring about a change in their driving behaviour through coaching. The measure helped to improve the efficiency of the entire fleet of Brenntag Mid-South, which consists of 331 vehicles, by 0.8 kilometres per gallon of fuel (3.8 litres). This represents a fuel consumption reduction of around 8,880 gallons (around 33,600 litres) per year.

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