Brenntag Latin America: AGROFEED fertilizers

For over 15 years, Brenntag Latin America has produced and distributed a series of liquid fertilizers under its AGROFEED brand. These products involve a combined fertilization and irrigation concept developed by experts in cooperation with Brenntag. Using a special method, the primary nutrients nitrogen, phosphate and potassium carbonate are enriched with calcium and magnesium. In a composition and dosage which is specially mixed for the customer, these liquid fertilizers are directly added to the irrigation system for plants, improving their uptake of these nutrients. This system uses less fertilizer than other methods require to achieve the same effect, and the tubes of the irrigation system do not need to be cleaned as frequently. With its AGROFEED products, Brenntag offers its customers in Latin America an environmentally friendly and also cost-efficient solution and is thus helping to improve sustainability in agriculture.

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