Brenntag expands distribution agreement with BASF for North American HI&I market

The Brenntag Specialties division in North America, part of Brenntag SE, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, has expanded its agreement with BASF Corporation for distribution in North America.

The distribution agreement covers the Lavergy® product line, which is a new line of high-performing detergent enzymes. The product line can be utilized in laundry, dishwashing, commercial laundry, and industrial cleaning applications.

  • Lavergy® C Bright 100 L, cellulase
  • Lavergy® Pro 106 L, protease
  • Lavergy® Pro 106 LS, protease
  • Lavergy® Pro 114 LS, protease

“We are extremely excited about the expansion of our distribution agreement with BASF. The addition of Lavergy® increases the BASF enzyme portfolio and allows our customers to receive all their enzymes from one source. Enzymes are an important technology for the HI&I industry, and we are happy to work with a world-class supplier such as BASF,” said Jeff Carey, Vice President HI&I Americas, Brenntag Specialties.

Lavergy® C Bright 100 L has excellent cleaning performance, is suitable for use with many types of fabrics, and interacts with other ingredients to keep fabrics from turning gray.

Effective even at low temperatures, the Lavergy® Pro family of proteases are high-performance alternatives for use in liquid detergents. These enzymes are especially good at lifting stubborn stains like egg, blood, and milk. Lavergy® Pro 106 LS contains no added preservatives, and Lavergy® Pro 114 LS is preservative-free and contains a superior non-boron stabilizing system, making formulation development even easier and more sustainable.

“The combined strengths of the newly developed enzymes and our quality portfolio of performance products allows our clients to develop tailored solutions for consumers who expect a lot from the detergents they buy,” said Soeren Hildebrandt, Senior Vice President Home Care, I&I, BASF. “We want to strengthen the growing market for enzymes with our excellent innovation pipeline and high-quality standards to advance the development of effective and sustainable solutions together with our customers.”

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