Brenntag CEO Dr. Christian Kohlpaintner elected to the Presidium of the German chemical association VCI

Brenntag Board Christian Kohlpaintner 20220216-124 BE-bear

Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, is represented in the newly elected presidium of the VCI (German Chemical Industry Association) by Brenntag CEO Christian Kohlpaintner. The general meeting voted on September 29 to elect him as a member of the trade association's governing body.

Christian Kohlpaintner: "I would like to thank the members of the VCI at this General Meeting for the vote of confidence. As a representative of Brenntag SE, I look forward to bringing the chemical distribution perspective to the work of the association to an even greater extent and to representing the interests of our industry in these challenging times together with my colleagues on the Presidium."

VCI Managing Director Dr. Wolfgang Große Entrup wishes Dr. Christian Kohlpaintner every success as a new member of the Presidium during his term of office. "With the new and the established board members, the VCI remains well positioned as a leading trade association and an effective industrial policy player in Berlin and Brussels. As the strong voice of the industry, we will continue to demand action and to point out solutions to politicians. For us, everything is at stake now: the future of our industrial location and sustainable transformation. I am delighted that Christian Kohlpaintner is actively supporting us on our way."

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